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98 Ford Explorer sound system ????


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January 16, 2000
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I just bought this suv and it has a CD/Cassette/and Cd changer and was wundering if anyone knew who makes this system for Ford and how can I find out if it has the premium sound???
Thanks for your time....

if it has the 10 disk changer, it would probably be clarion, thats what mine is anyway.

if there is a grill in the passenger side under the rear window in the cargo area, and there is a 6.5 inch sub, you have the "premium" audio system

The Dual Media radios in Explorers (Cassette/CD combo) are rated at 80 Watts rms with Premium Sound. In the Mach Audio System, the system is rated at 145 Watts rms, 290 Watts peak.

If you have the Mach Audio System, your radio will have an RDS (for Radio Data System) button on it. That radio is made for Ford by Pioneer. The Mach system includes a subwoofer enclosure and SW amp in the RH rear quarter trim. If you have a storage bin there, you do not have a Mach Audio System.

If you have the Premium Sound system without Mach, the radio looks similar, but does not have RDS. That radio is made for Ford by Visteon (formerly Ford Electronics).

The factory six-disc CD Changer is made for Ford by Clarion.