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'98 Limited street X - Pic's and breakdown of mod's.

I got the truck for free from my parents because my Camaro (1996 ex highway patrol B4C) became not suitable as a daily driver anymore (It's a monster) and I have slowly been working on this instead. I have had it for about 3.5 years. I don't have to many pics but I have a few.

-1998 4.0 SOHC. 150k on the body and trans, about 30k on the engine rebuild. Crankshaft pully broke clean off.

-Custom air filter - Auto zone cone air filter. I ground down the MAF housing round. No adapter plate.
-Removed the orange reflector from the headlights. - Found the "how to" on the forum here.
-I re-painted the front bumper stripe. The tan had faded to an odd silver and black mix.
-Chrome door pillar stick on accents, stainless steel, 6 pieces. - Ebay.
-Removed the roof rack, partially.
-Lowered the front about 3 to 3.5 inches. Airbagit.com re-indexed keys with no adjuster bolts in.
-2 inch block in the back.
-Mid grade auto zone replacement shocks.
-7 inch in dash dvd touch screen. Valor 700W. Works great and looks great for cheap.
-Bazooka amp EL 2150 bridged at 2 ohms, 3 12's, mtx 6000's wired in series, 2 farad cap. DP audio super tweeters. Polk Audio 8 inch sub to replace the factory one. I blew it the 2nd day I had the truck.
-Radar detector mounted above the rear view mirror. Wired to the left map light switch to turn off and on.
-22 inch Velocity Racing U2-75 chrome wheels, 10.5 wide on Kumho 420s 265/35/22 tires.
-Clear/Euro tailights - Ebay.
-Painted ford logo's and third brake light white. Removed EXPLORER and Limited logo's.
-Painted all my bulbs with high temp silver engine paint in the clear housings. Light coat.

To do:

-Install new bulbs for the headlights and fog lights. Have not arrived yet.
-Paint radio dash bezel and map light trim white.
-Tint front 2 windows.
-Make my own mesh grill to fit in the limited grill.
-Maybe go to 3 inch blocks in the rear.
-Maybe paint the mirrors and running board black plastic white.
-Maybe add a white vinyl strip along the top of the windshield (6 - 8 inches thick) for that "chopped" look.
- etc.


January 30, 2011
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1997 Explorer XLT
Dam so sad your explorer got wrecked its one of the best Ive seen period. !!! Question where did you get the tail lights and clear headlights? And if you still have them are you willing to sell?