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98 Lunch box locker with lockout hubs


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February 6, 2015
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79 Bronco , 98 Explorer
I ordered everything needed to install Ranger manual lockout hubs on my 98 EX. I already have done the 4406 swap and decided if I'm adding lockouts I want a locker too.

If these are the same axle housings as a 98 ranger why does Aussie locker offer a different locker for the Ranger(13530) and Explorer (13527)?

I have been asking them through email all day off and on and They never answered that question. They just said if it's an Explorer then use the 13527. My problem with the 13527 is they want you to use a weed eater spring instead of the C clip on the driver axle. Sounds kinda odd right?

Here is the PDF showing the spring but no retainer.

Does anyone know what the difference is?


  • XD-13527 - Supplement - Dana 35 Ford TTB__2016.pdf
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I called them and talked to the owner of the company and I lost all confidence in them. I was told they aren't really sure about Ford Dana 35s' and could not help me with the directions they give with the unit.

They did finally say that the web site is wrong and we do need #13527 but no help on the spring or how to attach it.

So I just ordered a Lock Right 2311-LR, should just go right in with no weed eater springs.

Good to know.
I've been going back and forth between the 2.

Yeah, I couldn't believe that the owner couldn't even explain there own directions or understand why we needed to use a weed eater spring.

Starting to get excited!

Don't you hate when 2 of the same thing shows up in different size boxes like the Timken unit bearings I got..LOL

I have never pulled half shafts out of an EX yet. I hope they just pop out then the new ones just pop right back in.

More stuff came today.

With a Pry bar they usually pop right out. I have not had a problem with mine when ever I pulled them out and I have removed a couple Front Diffs in the past year LOL

Got the last piece to the puzzle today as far s the hubs go, still waiting for the Lock Right to show up.


The locker showed up today so Now I'm ready to attack on Saturday.


I've never been inside one of our front rears and I was looking everywhere for the little bolt that holds the pin in place.

Seems like it's a roll pin instead of a bolt, is that right?

I got it all done yesterday but had problems.

The first problem was when installing the Lock Right, the cross pin roll pin would not go in. So after inspecting the new cross pin to the stock one, the new one had the wrong size hole.

Being hardened I couldn't drill it and I doubt your supposed to use the stock pin if they send a hardened one. So for 2 hours I ground the hole to the right size with tiny Dremel stones, what a PITA!

Problem 2 is still going on.

When installing the second Rugged Ridge hub it fell apart. It didn't look 100% coming right out of the box and when I pushed it on the body shot back off and the guts stayed jammed in the spindle. I took the guts out of the spindle and just snapped the body on so it looks like a working hub and keeps weather out till I get another one.

I guess I need to email Rugged Ridge to see what they will do but being that close to being done after fighting that pin then have the lockout fall apart was a kick in the nuts.

Nice, what’s all needed for this job? I’d like to do this when I get finished with my 4406 swap.

Everything in the pics except the Lock Right locker, that was an extra thing I wanted to do.

Wow, yeah they was confused on the D35 alright.

The 1st gens D35 uses the Echo Spring for the C-clip eliminator mod, not the 2nd gens D35. Completely different housings / set ups.

I had to find a different size roll pin for my Lock Right for the 2nd gen D35. Bought an assorted pack of them, and found what I needed for it.

Please post pictures when you install these items...Going to be good to watch!

I was done in post #11 and just now got my free replacement hubs but have not tried them yet.


I got my replacement hubs from Rugged Ridge, it took awhile to get them and I have been busy or just plain forgot about them till tonight.

The bad lockout pulled right off like it was ready to fall off, the new one fell right on and locked TIGHT. I suppose I just got a bad set the first time. With just this side jacked up, when you lock the hub that Lock Right kicks in and stops ALL rotation! When you unlock it, it seems you have to back up or spin the tire by hand in this case for the hub to disengage the axle.

I then jacked up the other side to test that hub that didn't fall apart......it didn't work at all!

Pulled it half off fairly easily then it was stuck. I tapped it out with a hammer and it too fell apart and the outer ring was stuck in the hub. But it all came out, in pieces.

Here again the new lockout slide right on and snapped on tight and works proper. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you do this and your lockouts fight you much at all going on you might need a new set.

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That locker shouldn't lock until power is coming from the pinion gear.

Was both wheels off the ground when you turned it, and the wheel was locked with the hub on?