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98+ Ranger 16" wheels - will they fit over the hub?


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April 14, 2007
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Vancouver, WA
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'92 XLT
Please don't slam me for not searching for this answer because I tried my best:dunno:

I have recently migrated over to Ford from the Jeep world so a lot of the "swapabilty" info is new to me. I am currently in process of dropping a new engine in a recently acquired '92 XLT.

Plans are for a 3" suspension lift with 16" wheels (not crazy about the look of 15" w/big fat tires).

I see a lot great deals on OEM 16" wheels from 98+ Rangers. Will these fit over the lockout hubs on the 91-94 Explorers?


They should. I am running 2000 Explorer Limited 16"s on my '91 Navajo 4x4, and I know the 16"s wheels from an '02 Explorer Sport 2WD will also fit

[edit]you will need to take a holesaw to the front centercaps if you want to use them. the newer centercaps don't come with holes for the hubs.