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98 Ranger Manual lockouts won't fit 98 Mazda B3000 any ideas?


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April 19, 2015
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1998 Mazda B3000
Pulse vacuum hubs on my 98 Mazda B3000 won't work. Wanted to go to a manual lockout, but are only available for the 98 Ranger and won't fit Mazda until 2001+. Only answer I've gotten from the lockout manufacturers is that they are a different design. Can't seen to get answer on exactly what is different. Anyone know what the differences are and what I might do to make this work?
Your help is greatly appreciated!

I don't know anything about the IFS front except that it changed from TTB staring with the 1998 models. I really doubt Ford put anything different under the Mazdas that year, should be the same as a Ranger.
Are you talking about AVM hubs?
Possibly the manufacturer is mistaken...?
If you check this link, there's four articles on PVH hubs, maybe somewhere in them is some info that would help you?: http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/index-axles.shtml

Thanks for the reply. Both AVM/Rugged Ridge and Milemarker say the lockouts fit 98-2000 Ranger and 2001-2008 Mazda B, but not the 98-2000 Mazda. They just say it's a different design. I'll check out the link. Thanks