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98 SOHC and P1762 trouble code


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February 18, 2007
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98 XLT 4WD 4.0 SOC

My 98 explorer XLT SOHC is throwing a P1762 trouble code and is not shifting into 4th (OD) but working fine in gears , 1, 2 and 3.

How do I troubleshoot this to determine if it is an internal transmission problem (shift solenoid or bands, or ???) or an external wiring or electronics problem?


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Sounds like maybe the OD band is not applying, you could check the adjustment of the OD band by turning the adjuster screw in, if it screws in more than 3 turns the band could be broken or burnt. I wouldn't think electrical problems with this code and symptom.

I forgot to update the thread. It was diagnosed as a broken 2/5 band in a 5r55E. Still limping along, it shifts from 1st to 3rd to 4th. It drives OK but I miss OD on the hiway The CEL is on, so is it running full rich or would the engine still be running normally?

Any suggestions as to how to address this, e.g. rebuild, used, or some other quick fix?

Your only hope on a quick fix is if the band is not broke but the servo that applies it is, this will give you the same problem you are describing.

If the OD band adjustment bolt turns in more than 3 turns the band is broke.

The servo can be replaced in the vehicle but if the band is truly broke the only thing you can do is to pull the transmission and repair it or replace it.

This shouldn't cause the engine to run full rich just because of a trouble code, the engine is going to work harder than normal and use more fuel for sure.

2013-08-23 16.57.13.jpg

Thanks for the info.

Is the OD band adjustment on the exterior or does the pan have to be removed to access it?

Also if I don't fix it will the CEL cause it to fail emission inspection?

It will fail emission inspection with those codes.


My transmission shop dropped the pan a while back and determined the band is broken. A rebuild or re manufactured is one option, however looking for suggestions on any less expensive options to repair it.

Only cheaper options left would be a used one or fix the one you have yourself.

It will fail emission inspection with those codes.


I've been adjusting the Intermediate Band to 2.5 turns out, and the OD band to 2 turns out. You have both adjusted to 2 turns out. Which is correct?

That picture is a clip of a picture I found online that showed the location of the band adjustment bolts, it's a late model 5R55W transmission but the concept was the same as the 5R55E so that is why it shows 2 turns.

There is info out there to adjust the Intermediate band back to 2.5 turns for the years of 95-98, so that's probably where you got that.

From the first C3 transmission that was installed in a Pinto in the mid 70s to today's 5R55 they have used the same band. We have set all those and everything in between to 2 turns out regardless of year model without issues.

Would replacement of the 2/5 band alone be advisable if the unit was rebuilt within the last 50k miles and has had regular fluid changes? And would a shop do this kind of repair?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a remanufacturer?

About how much should I budget for installation?