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98 solid axle feeler thread

Well I was thinking a fw D44 and fw 8.8...now, leaf or coil...heres my options...and delemas...I have a 1991 ranger 2wd for parts and beleive it or not, in some of the local woods is a 1970s f100 4x2 frame section.... id say radius arms to the front bumper mount with just the suspension and i was thinking, option 1.use the rear main leaf from the ranger and build a custom pack for the front or option 2. Use the coil buckets and R/A mounts off the f100....what do you guys think...BTW, the ranger main leaf is 56 inches with weight on them is that too long for a front leaf???? coil would allow me to pretty much run any year ford d44 whereas the leafs would have to 77 and prior...waddaya think???