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98 V8 Timing Cover Gasket / Oil Pan Gasket Summary


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January 26, 2008
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1998 Mountaineer
I've read as many applicable posts as I could, but was hoping people in the know can sum up this Timing Chain Cover situation.
On the '98 5.0, if you've removed & replaced the timing chain cover gasket (due to coolant leaks or chain replacement) :
What did you do about the one piece oil pan gasket?
1. Were you able to use the oil pan gasket as it was in place ? (any leaks afterwards?)
2. Did you cut the one piece oil pan gasket & use those cork corners that come in the FelPro gasket kit? (any leaks afterwards?)
3. Did you (heaven forbid) pull the 5.0 just to change the pan gasket?
4. Or did you learn of some super secret gasket set or other trickery that worked really great.
I need to pull my timing chain cover to replace the gasket, but not before I have a plan in hand.

You can save the old oil pan gasket, but you must be careful with it. You may be able to do the work without loosening oil pan bolts besides the front four. Try that, and of course you will be cleaning the old and adding RTV to reseal that well. Make sure that it's very clean at the corner of the block and pan etc, before RTV'ing it back in place. Avoid any cork, that's bad stuff, throw that away.