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98 xplorer sport

i decided to start a registry for my explorer instead of posting pics of it in my ranger registry.

here it is when i bought it, the only thing i changed at this point was tires and wheels. the stock 16's are on my ranger now.


with the flat black wheels the grey molding/bumpers looked out of place. so over the weekend i painted the bumpers,grill,and side molding flat black.

here are a couple pics my wife took while i was prepping it for paint:

and here it is all painted:


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nice sport you got there, imho it needs bigger tires

thanks :thumbsup:

i would like bigger tires and a lift, still tryin to find time to finish my ranger lol.

i remember reading about the ranger, you used 2 rangers to make one correct?

nice x u got there


i hate to admit it but ever sinse i bought my explorer i lost intrest in my ranger, the explorer is so much more comfortable to ride in. im thinking about selling the ranger and lifting the explorer, but im not sure yet lol

i got this idea after seeing pics of specialized7's explorer.

i took the lights off the ranger and put them on the explorer, it was to dark last night to take pics so here is one i took this morning.

i will get beter pics when i wire the lights.

im liking it man! good job

looks good keep up good work


its in my garage now, gotta change wheel bearings and brakes.

if you do a snorkel for your ex, take lots of pictures.. please :) i am collecting info on the method im going to do to build mine.

i ended up replacing pads & rotors and both wheel bearings in the front.

also finally finished installing my speakers i bought 3 months ago lol.