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99 5.0 Intake Vacuum Diagram


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December 15, 2017
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Columbus, OH
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99 Explorer XLT
I just finished digging down to put in new intake manifold gasket and replace some cracked vacuum hoses. Fire it up and will not run. I found that I have left a vacuum line open but have no clue what goes to it. Really don't want to yank this intake again! Does anybody have a good picture/diagram of the vacuum lines?

The one I missed is on the back of the upper intake between the intake and the firewall. It's just below the top and points straight toward the firewall. I have the tree attached below. Thanks in advance.

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Pointing straight back would be pcv vacuum, joined with another using the f shaped fitting and u shaped hose;


Thanks for the pic. It's the one on the right hand side of your picture that has nothing attached to it. My F fitting seems to be just a T but still goes to PCV.

I'm not 100% on this but I believe it is the vacuum feed for the fuel pressure regulator and egr solenoid. Might be a white-red and green vacuum bundle.

All those lines were shot on mine so I had to make up new lines. Very well could be I just forgot to add that into the FPR bundle. Thanks I'll see if I can find that diagram.