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99 auto 4.0L OHV explorer/ no reverse

July 27, 2008
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Garden City, MI
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'98 XLT
I just bought a 99 Explorer which has the 4.0L OHV and an automatic trans. All forward gears work and shift smoothly. Reverse does nothing at all (an extra neutral) the previous owner said it happend spontaniously with no warning. It worked one day and the next it didn't, he said it made a click when it first happend.

Fluid is dirty and maybe a little burnt. It was rear-ended at one point and I thought the linkage could be messed up. Only at 124,000 miles.

i have the same year ex, and had the same prob with 123,000 mi lol. bought it with no reverse. turned out the reverse drum inside the tranny broke and had it rebuilt works great now.

Thanks, I was trying to think of cheap easy ways to fix it and flip it. But I thought about it more and I loved my old 4 door ex and came up with the plan to have it completely rebuilt and use it instead of my Cherokee.

This so far cost me $600 then what ever my buddy can rebuild the trans for. I think 124,000 miles are better than my Cherokee which has 210,000 miles