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99 AWD suspension questions


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March 13, 2006
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Arlington, TX
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'99 LTD AWD, 99 EB 2WD
I bought this 99 LTD AWD and didnt realize it until I got home but it has air suspension in the rear.

I want to do new shocks, I assume I only put shocks on the front, but I keep seeing stuff about automatic ride control etc.

What shocks should I put on it? It will be a driver, and do some towing.

Also, what do you suggest for a 99 4.0 2WD that my wife drives?


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Try a search - I know a lot of people have had similar questions to you. Good luck


I did a search all I found was a bunch of questions abot what it is.

I know what it is, I need advice on shocks for the both of them, especially the AWD with the load leveling.


I have a post asking the same question so up to the top it go's. :D

Just leave the rear shock there and replace the front ones. You will notice the most improvement from replacing the fronts anyway. If you want to remove the rear air shocks you can, it won't hurt anything, but you're rear end might end up sagging. Explorers with rear air shocks generally had softer springs in the rear. Overtime the springs sag some and the shocks make up for it by staying pumped up more. Replacing the shocks might make this noticable.

hey thanks,

what shocks do you suggest?

Message to rhe moderator

Good evening Drew,
I'm Bart from Belgium, and I bought a Ford Explorer 1998 since two months. Since some time I get a warning led from the air suspension (rear) like if it's turned out, even it isn't. It works normal, I guess, because I hear the buzzing sound if I drop something in the back. The warning led only appears after I drove some time.
Can you help me out maybe, cause my dealer doesn't know what it is...