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'99 Explorer LS Swap Finished - Was has anyone done it?

Go go gadget flame suit :D

Has anyone ever done a Chevrolet LS series motor swap in their 2nd gen explorer, or any gen explorer for that matter? I know it is a popular swap for fox body cars.

Links or pics would be appreciated. The google didn't yield much. I saw a thread with an 01 sport, but the project didn't appear to get anywhere. Thanks!

(Edit) - This turns into a build thread... Keep reading.

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too wide?

In my opinion without a body lift the 2nd generation doesn't have room for the 5.0L engine (width = 18 3/4") with decent exhaust manifolds. I doubt there is room for an LS1 that has a block width (no heads) of 18.11".

Well, the 5.0 is really tight, I know that for a fact. Ford didn't leave much room for the exhaust there. I haven't really spent much time comparing the LS 5.3 to the Ford 5.0 .

I am hoping that someone has done this so I can see if it is possible or not.

Other then that ranger, build, I haven't seen anybody do it, but you should be the first, lol. I am positive it can be done, it will just take some clever engineering.

I came upon a 6.0 LY6 with 4L80E this summer and I plan to put it in something. Hopefully an explorer if I can fit it. I will give it a try in the spring most likely. It is starting to get cold out and I don't think I will have my act together well enough to get going this year.

I came upon a 6.0 LY6 with 4L80E this summer and I plan to put it in something.

this is what i would throw it into


Hi Eric, how are you doing? I've missed the Explorer X guys, that fell off several years ago.

If you are serious about the LS to swap in a 2nd gen, I can point you to a man who just finished swapping one in place of a 302, in his 80's Volvo. He's very nice, helpful, and smart enough to get it done himself. He is on the Corral a lot documenting his Volvo project, in the "East Tennnesee" thread. It's very long and his posts have been the central subject for a long time. His name is Michael Yount, he's in NC I think.

He can tell you well how wide the LS is versus the 302, specifically the critical part, the exhaust. He has an aftermarket SS log manifold on his LS, it's very compact and has 1.75" primaries in it. I bet that would fit, and he reworked the front accessories to fit his Volvo better. There are multiple layouts for the accessories of the LS models.

It would be really slick if you build it up and find an old Firebird Esprit like the Rockford Files and stick it in there.

Talk about a "Sleeper".

Good to hear from you Don. It has been a while. LS swaps are all the rage in my area now so I have many local resources to work with but I will keep that guy in mind as a possibility. I was so close to buying a volvo 960 wagon this past week which would have been a v8 swap project for sure, but ended up picking up a 99 XLT in Arizona. The condition of the underbody and engine bay from no salt is truly amazing. It needs paint work and interior work, but I can handle that. My 4.0 XLT is getting a little rusty and I am going to sell it in the spring while it still has a little remaining value.

Yeah, my Mountaineer is starting to show signs, of coming from Milwaukee. I bought a 98 Limited to replace it, swap the Mercury parts onto it etc. I got it because it came from Georgia, zero rust, but not kept up well. It'll work for me.

Touch base with Michael about his Volvo, I'd bet he can say how much the clearance is different around the manifolds, for the 302 and the LS. He makes it sound like a smaller engine for the external items, which is the problem with the SBF in the 2nd gen's.

When I tear down my 99 mountaineer to strip off any good parts, I am going to use that to test fit the 6.0 to see what challenges exist.

I'll bet the oil pan and rack will be the toughest part, besides the trans and transfer case.

Yeah, the motor i got is a truck motor so it has the standard rear sump pan. I think it will work fine as far as crossmember/rack clearance, but we shall see. I am going to use the 4L80E trans and no transfer case. RWD burnout machine leaving #11's everywhere.

Just today I worked out a local deal on a 99 limited 5.0 AWD with 151k miles. Deep wedgewood blue with dark gray interior. It is pretty rusty but my main goal with it is to get it for the interior components which are in generally nice shape. Heated seats, EATC, mach, steering wheel controls, wood grain trim, etc. Engine and trans seemed to run quite well on my test drive. With a little front end work it would be a good runner though so I may drive it for the winter before I decide what to do with it.

Well I decided to use my new 99 Limited purchase as a LS swap prototyping platform. I have the 5.0 out and attempted to put in the 6.0, but the oil pan will definitely not clear the front diff. I was planning on RWD anyway, so no big deal, but I was hoping to leave it in this parts truck for now, purely out of laziness. The exhaust manifold situation may be tricky, but I honestly feel it will fit pretty well.

Sounds like fun. Have you seen the manifolds available, and on the engine? This one below is an aftermarket, but SS, and he(Michael) had them coated. That's what I want for my truck, and those below are 1.75" big throughout.

LS Log Manifold & exh coating.jpg

The factory exhaust manifolds that came with this engine look like they flow way better than the crummy stock manifolds for the explorer 5.0. I am going to run a turbo, so I am flipping them around. I may get some 'up and forward' style headers from ebay. The steering shaft is too close for comfort, so if I go with a welded tube header I should be able to more easily modify and reroute for some additional clearance.

I decided to ditch the AC mainly for simplicity. I may try to give it a go some other time, but for now, that is the way it will be. I am having issues finding space for a compressor. With the narrow frame rail spacing on the explorer there is not much space, and the upper control arm mounts don't help the situation. I am not ruling it out for the long term though, I just need to think about other compressor location possibilities.

Overall, I am very pleased with the fit of this engine and 4L80E transmission. Once i get the engine positioned exactly where I want it, I will draw up some mounts and a trans crossmember. The header situation would have been a nightmare if not for the flipped shortys though. To fit this engine NA with a conventional exhaust, custom manifolds would surely be necessary.

That's it, the upper control arm mounts and frame rails are right in the way. It makes you wonder how these trucks are so different in space there, versus V8 Jeeps or others of similar body sizes.

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