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99 Explorer stalling when in gear


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March 4, 2012
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Northern Cambria PA
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1999 explorer
Im new to the forum i discovered it trying to pin point the cause of my vehicle trouble.

I was driving up a hill and my 1999 explorer began acting like it wanted to shut off. I got it to the side of the road safely and it stalled out. It will start and idle and i can put it through all the gears but as soon as i give it gas in any gear it stalls. When it sits in idle the rpms jump between 500 and 1000 and occasionally stalls when idling as well but only after a certain period of time. To make a long story short i got it towed home and plugged my OBD 2 into it and it gave me 10 codes. I will list the codes hopefully some one will be able to help me out.

The OBD 2 I used is the CP9125 PocketScan code reader

P1747 - EPC solenoid (Not in OBD 2 manual)
P0743 - Torque converter electrical
p0750 - Shift solenoid A malfuntion
p0755 - Shift solenoid B malfuntion
p0760 - Shift solenoid C malfuntion
p0765 - Shift solenoid D malfuntion
p1451 - EVAP control system canister vent solenoid circuit malfuntion (Not in OBD 2 manual)
p0135 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfuntion (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
p0155 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfuntion (Bank 2 Sensor 1)
p01409 - EVR control circuit Malfuntion (Not in OBD 2 manual)

I replaced the EPC solenoid already hoping that the shift solenoids were malfuntioning because of this solenoid. It has a new fuel filter and i replaced the Throttle position sensor.

This vehicle has ran awesome since buying about 5 years ago this is the first sign of trouble i have had with it and i would like nothing more than to have it run again. The stalling out is what is driving me nuts because that can be cause by so many things but if anyone has had a similar experience or may know the remedy please let me know.

loose connector?

The codes indicate no connection between the PCM and the transmission and O2 sensors. Check the connections from behind the block to the transmission and O2 sensors. If you can fix the O2 heater circuits the others should also go away. DJ Bran Boogy has a similar problem: Check Engine Codes