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Wanted 99 Explorer Tailgate Help and Question?

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May 11, 2006
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Windsor, PA
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99 XLT
I backed into a truck bumper and dented the tailgate on my 99 explorer XLT. I did not break any glass and the wiper still works but the damage is bad enough I need to replace the whole gate. What years will fit my 99 XLT?

If anyone has any leads on used tailgates, I would appreciate the help. I’ll take with or without the glass and hardware. I found the perfect gate on craigslist in Texas. I live in Pennsylvania which is a little far to run for the tailgate!

I am searching the salvage yards. They ether don’t have it or they want a weeks pay to get it in.

Thanks for all your help. This is a great forum.

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'98-01. There may be minor wiring changes between years but thats nothing you can't solve using your original parts.

I was going to replace my '96 hatch with a 98-01 a while back. The salvage yard insisted that a '98 was not the same as a '00. So be prepared for that. :D

Are you trying to match the color? If so, that will certainly narrow your possbilities.