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99 explorer trouble


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August 10, 2011
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Jackson, New Jersey
Hi everybody! Hope I posted in the right place. I have a small problem compaired to some I've seen. My wife's 99 Explorer xlt seems to have some kind of issue. It runs fine, but all of a sudden the all windows would not work. She stopped the truck and shut it off. when she took out the key and openned the door, the chime sounded (as if the key was in!) but it sounded muffled or as if the battery was dying. If she restarted the truck, the windows would work for only a few seconds. Then they would just stop. I went and got the truck and can confirm everything she said. On my way home everything started working fine again. I'd like to fix whatever is wrong, so I can feel better about the vehicle she drives. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Just went thru this with my '95. I had to remove the master window control switch assembly from the drivers door, take the switch assembly apart, and clean the contacts on the window lock out switch (the one that keeps all but the drivers window from working). All is good after that.

And this could cause the key chime to sound after the key is removed? I was wondering if it was more of an ignition switch problem.

I've got the key chime problem as well. Completely unrelated to the window issue. There's an extra connection on the drivers door lock solenoid. Disconnect it and the chime goes away.