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'99 Explorer won't crank... Help!


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February 2, 2008
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Wonder Lake, IL
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'99 XLT
:( 1999 XLT 4.0 SOHC 150k miles will not crank over. 10 days ago it was dead at a shopping center. Jumping it didn't work. Towed it home and replaced the starter. Fired it up and it ran OK for that day. My wife had to turn the key about 5 times the next day to start it. I put the battery on a charger. No crank the next day; jumped it with my BMW, still no crank. I jumped it with my Dodge work pickup and it fired right up. Tested the battery at Advance Auto; they said it was in normal range. I cleaned and shined up the battery terminals really good. The next day I tested the electrical system at a shop; they said the battery, starter, and alternator are good. Now it won't crank again. I jumped it, still no start. When I turn the key, I hear just one click. Went under the car and my wife turned the key; I can hear the starter solenoid click. Tapped the starter with a hammer, still no start. I checked starter relay in power box near the battery; that is OK, too. All lights, locks, windows, radio, etc. work. The PATS light goes out after normal 3 seconds or so. Could it be the ignition switch? Tried it in neutral, etc., to check the gear position switch. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to give as much info as possible.

Replace your battery cables one at a time. I'd be willing to bet its the pos side. The cables corrode on the inside and you chase your tale trying to figure it out. This happened to me and a few others. If the solonoid does not engage the its the little wire that connects to it from the starter solonoid in the engine compartment.

Are the battery cable terminal posts original, not cut off? What is the battery voltage when cold, and after running for a long time? What is the alternator voltage, at idle in park, and with many things turned on in drive? Good luck,