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'99 Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 AWD

Bought it used in 2002. Has 87K miles on it now. Daily driver that gets about 15-16 mpg. The only work she gets is pulling our camper 3-4 trips per year. Love my Explorer. Got into auto detailing a year ago, so she's pampered weekly. Polished last Fall with my Porter Cable 7424 and Pinnacle XMT polishes. Washed weekly and waxed monthly. Here's some pics. Thanks for looking.



Engine detail


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...:eek: wow, she look's pretty clean for a '99....;)

very clean 99 u got there alban

Nice looking Explorer.

My engine bay looks exactly the same.. how did you clean it so well?!

Haha, I've been wanting to clean my bay for awhile.. but never got to it by the time winter snuck up on us.