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'99 fog lmap bulb replacement #

soon i'll be upgrading my headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs to silverstars. i know my head lights are 9007s but i don't know what size my fog lamps are. can i use a 9005 or 9006 to replace them on my '99? thanks


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thanks for the quick response, but are you sure? i was messing around with my fog lights one day and i unplugged the wiring harness and it look likes it would perfectly connect to a 9005/9006 bulb from tghe pictures i've seen, and not an H1. i am really confused

if you pull the socket out, you will see the bulb is H!, but it is possible to use the 9005 bulb, file down the tabs, and replace it.

thanks alot

how much would i have to file them down because i just looked and i dont think i'de be able to get a file in there. i would really like to get 9005 silverstars in there to match the 9007 headlights i'm gonna get from them. i really dont feel like spending $75 a set on piaas. thanks

-kenny :us:

i wouldnt file down the tabs on the foglight holder itself, but the actual bulb. try a search.. i believe a few have done it before

Originally posted by jssong
...but it is possible to use the 9005 bulb, file down the tabs, and replace it.

um, i can't see a file fitting in there to take care of the tabs. is it at all possible that one would fit without any filing? thanks



why do you want to change?

a h1 bulb put out fantastic light, and is available in many options. color and wattage.

i think a 9005 is longer than a h1 bulb, if it is it MAY be too long to fit...

if you do try this route use a 9005 vs a 9006.

take the 9005 bulb, point the tip away from you. holding this bulb by the fitting part, you will see 3 "tabs". one on top, one on each side.
on the center or middle tab file away some from the left [looking at it the way i described].
you won't need to file too much off.
a file or nail file will do the job.

i would experiment on a 7.00 9005 bulb before you file on a 20.00 or 25.00 silverstar. also you will know if it will even fit socket/length.


the reason why i wanted to change it was because i wanted to upgrade my head lights and i wanted my fogs to match. and thanks for the idea of buying a cheap 9005/9006 replacement to do a test fit.


I know for a fact that my '99 fogs are NOT H1's.. I've pulled them out and compared them to H1's, H2's, etc. They are 893 or 9145 or something like that

Yes, hokie is right, they DEFINATLY are not H1s... dont make that mistake.


my 2000 HAD H1 BULBS!!!!

i'm not going to bet my ass kenny has them,BUT it is VERY EASY to tell.

kenny have you taken the bulb OUT?

if its a silver base [on bulb] it is an h1, if it is SHORT, black or grey plastic it is a 893. if it is the size of a 9005, it is a 9145.

what do you have? we would like to know.


H1 is stamped on the silver metal base

I have the same prob with my 2002, my fog lights say H10 but they look like a 9005, i guess ill just have to shave the 9005's down

i just got silverstars for my headlightsa and fogs. i made the 9005 fit the harness, went to put it in, and it wouldn't fit in the fog light housing. i am pissed.