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99 Foglight Bulb fitment

We've got the 99 style bumper and foglights on both our vehicles... I know that the bulbs is a H1 fitment. However, the bulb goes into an adapter that locks in place... I was going to put HIDs in them, so I ordered H1 HID bulbs, but, didn't think about the adapter till it was too late... (when I went to fit them)

So, taking into account the adapter, what bulb would I use for that?


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Last time I bought replacement bulbs for my fogs, the bulbs and adapters were one unit.

Ahhhhhhh. I see what you mean. Sometimes I'm a little slow.:D

I had the same problem on my 00 Ex. So i bought the 9005 replacement bulbs after getting to that point. Your going to have to slightly shave and modify the tabs, but they will fit into the stock housing with a tiny bit of persuasion. Ill post pics when the 100w replacements show up.

Had the same problem as well. Now debating on just going with a LED H1 bulb.

H1 bulbs won't work for that housing... it needs to be something with locking tabs on...