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99 for explorer sport stalling


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January 21, 2015
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88 iroc z
Hello I have a 99 for explorer sport 4.0 sohc.
This truck is giving me a headache.
I can get the truck to start an idle but when put in gear it will some times stall.
When I get it in gear an it don't stall I have to be vary easy on the gas to get it moving if not it sputters an stalls.
Now when I set at a light an its green if I try to take off in 1st it will stall. But if I take off in 2nd it won't stall but I have to be vary easy on the gas.
I replaced the maf an tps an it still does it. If I scan the computer it tells me every code in the book.

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Did it get progressively worse or start doing this all at once?

Have you done any of the typical scheduled maintenance like changing the fuel filter or spark plugs? Even if there are several codes it might not hurt to list them along with the lookup for what they are.

If I get a large amount of codes I look at connector for PCM check fuses and visible look at wiring harness for broken/rubbed harness. A lot of codes will be piggy back codes set from another code being set. Good luck.

Hello. Thank you for the replays sorry its takeing me so long to get back been working on my iroc.
I payed for the truck running like this thinking it was an dumb easy fix.
The codes I get are.
Also it showed all o2. I replaced all o2,tbs, map,iac

Here is something that may help.
When in park I can rev it up an it will not die or sputter.
When I clear the codes it will start up with 1 crank an run like it should for about 30 sec then I get a small sputter an the cel comes one. But the motor with fix it self an run good. I can put it in gear but I have to me vary easy on the gas to get it moving. I can get it to speed an every thing just can't give it to much gas no matter the speed

I'm actually having the same issue on my '99 Explorer Sport. My problem started today. I was driving & it started acting like it was about to stall so I pulled over & parked it for about 45 minutes, thinking it was vapor locking. Once it cooled, it started right up but I only got about 1/2 mile before it completely stalled & died. I had to sit for another hour but then it started right up again. I had to be very careful of how I accelerated but babied it the 15 miles back home. I was told it sounds like it could be either the charcoal canister, fuel pump or fuel filter since I cleaned the IAC valve about a month ago. Does this sound like the same issue you're having?