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99 Front Bumper Swap


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July 5, 2009
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Toms River NJ
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1998 Explorer Sport
Hi i have a 98 sport and i was thinking about swapping my front bumper out for the 99 one is that swap possible and if so what is needed to complete it. Thank You

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you need the wiring for the lights and then it's just undo 4 bolts, off with the old, new one on, tighten 4 bolts... plug in wires for new lights... away you go... enjoy... I did the same thing on my '97


thank you very much i really appreciate your help

I take it you meant from this to this (left to right)



Will that bumper bolt on a 95??

Im going to the JY saturday and If that will bolt right on, I will MAKE SURE I leave with that one LOL I would give anything to upgrade to that style LOL

...quick question, will it look alright without the fender flares?

yes it will... and it's as wide as the truck without flares.. so should be ok


I have that style bumper and no fender flares and it looks great.