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'99 LTD-Driver's Heated Seat not working...


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February 21, 2000
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Potomac, Maryland
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'99 5.0 Limited AWD
It worked last winter, and I haven't made any electrical mods. or monkeyed with the seat in any way....
The pass. seat heats up no problem.
When I push the driver's side heat switch, the light comes on & stays on, but no heat.
I've tested the fuse (#2; 30amp) and its base and it checks out fine (since it's labeled as "Heated Seats" in the fuse diagram, it apparently covers both seats...so since the pass. works, I'm assuming that the problem isn't fuse, but lies at the seat itself.
Any components (switch, relay, sensor, etc.) or wiring/connectors known to have problems? Any ideas of what to look for?