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99 Mercury Mountaineer, Best Lift Kit?


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April 15, 2007
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I have a 99 mountaineer 5.0, AWD

Im Looking for a complete lift kit, and im looking for a decent lift, somthing high but not rediculous... Anyone have any pictures of there mountaineers before and after so i can get an idea of how high i should go?

Im looking for a complete kit, because i wanna do it right, no half assing...

I plan on doing some mild off roading, but mainly street driving..

ive looked around for kits but cant seem to find any

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Welcome to the site. I would look at the Superlift 4" kit or the RCD 5" kit. Both are good. RCD is better.

how high are u exacly wanting to go? 2"? 3"? 4"? 5"? 6"? Do you have a size of tire in mind that you are wanting to try to fit?

Im problably gonna go with a 5" or 6", I wanna get tires that will look like they fit with the lift, like i dont want to have it lifted high but the tires look small..

Sorry if i sound like i dont know what im talking about.. because i dont lol...

What would you guys suggest?

I cant seem to find any kits for my truck.. ive looked on a few websites but i couldnt find any kits.. Any links would help alot!

33's, 35's maybe?

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that will help

Some Sites dont have The vehicle search option of a mercury mountaineer,

Can i search by 99 Explorers, and find stuff that will fit on my mountaineer?

Best lift kit

It is found in the "ranger" section of the site--
They heav the rear covered there also.

how about sas and get as much lift as you want mine has about 12 inches from stock hight