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'99 Mountaineer Power Window Problems


April 22, 2006
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Delafield, WI
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02 XLT, 99 MOUNT.
The Power windows stopped working a few weeks ago on my '99 Mountaineer. The power moon roof, which shares the same 30 amp fuse, still works. I have no power to the main drivers window switch. I traced the light blue/black power wire for the drivers window switch back to the relay box under the dash near the steering column. The wire goes through two relays, the acc. delay power relay and the one touch down relay - I replaced both relays, and all the others in the box, and still nothing.

When I jump a hot wire directly to the driver window switch, the windows all work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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get a meter and check for voltages along the "route" and at the operating coils of the relay.

Check and see if you have power at the last point you can access in the body before going into the wire bundle that leads to the door. A broken wire in the bundle from the body to the door is a very common issue in these vehicles. Good luck.

Check the ground on the Driver door, also keep in mind that the voltage drops at the load, so if there is no voltage at the switch even, then it has already dropped somewhere else. Also if you have battery voltage at the switch, then the switch IS the load, the it needs to be replaced.

It turns out it was a broken wire in the flexible boot between the driver's door and the body (good call bobflood) - I'm back in business. Thanks to everyone!

whats goin on i dont mean to piggy back on this post but i dont want to start another thread for no reason, i have the same problem except the main switch works to roll down and up the windows except the rear pass window, that dosent work at all, none of the other switches work when someone needs a window down i have to control it do you think thats a window lock problem or similar to minzamercs problem, a faulty wire? please help really annoying thanks

anyone have this problem too?