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'99 Mountaineer subwoofer installation.


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April 27, 2010
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Cincinnati, OH
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'99 Mountaineer V6
I have recently purchased (2) 12" MTX subwoofers and (1) Thunder 4250D amp from a friend. I have all cables nessisary to hook it up, however when i took out my radio, which is a XL2F 18C868-CA mach system, i noticed no hook up for the audio cable that goes from the Amp to the back of the radio. I was told by a local car audio store that i may need a hi-low converter for the factory radio, but they also quoted me 200 bucks for an install i could do in my driveway, so im not sure how much confidence i have in their info. Any advice would be great. Thanks!!

Hmmm, if you don't know how to do it, why do you say that you can't trust their info?
Yes you do need a hi-lo converter ~20 at walmart for a 4 ch one.
Try doing a search here at the audio section for ideas and to see what other people have done to their systems.

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The Hi-to-Low line converter is required in order to create set of RCA inputs for the head unit. But, these are tricky due to the fact that your subwoofer controls will be affected by whatever bass setting you have your radio set to.
There will be no immediate way to control the subwoofer output independent of the the bass for all the rest of the speakers.

Some people prefer this, but I like to have my subwoofer independent of the common speakers just because I change the output of the subwoofer for almost every song I listen to. And, I dont have to have detrimental effects on the speakers.

A line converter is around $20, this is an example of a four channel one with independant gain controls. You would only need a two channel, and don't reallty need the additional controls.

As for the price of the install, yeah it is a little high.
I used to charge ~$200 for when I had to build a custom fit dual 12" enclosure and aso do the wiring (Of course, this varied depending on complexity of the build), and I was the cheapest around town
These guys are only are doing the install side of it....
So, I would have only charged like ~$75 since it should only take 1hr ~ 1-1/2hrs...

You are paying for the knowledge of the installer, and the piece of mind that something shouldn't go wrong, and if it does the installer is held responsible.

If you need any tips or tricks, just ask....