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99 Mounty - Blend door (Code 25)


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April 11, 2009
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N. Andover Massachusetts
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99 Mercury Mountaineer
Thank you for taking the time to read this Thread.
I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer with a EATC problem.
I get heat or A/C with no problems.The EATC unit functions in all ways as it should but I can not adjust the fan speed...it is stuck on High and I can not shut the EATC off. The display goes out but the EATC keeps running.
I did the self testand the unit displayed code 25
Blend door actuator not functioning properly.

I have been reading other threads on this code 25 subject but the problem stated is that A/C or Heat one or the other could not be obtained.

I have been going crazy trying to figure this one out.
Could you tell me ...do you think the blend door actuator problem would cause the EATC to keep running and not shut off and adjustment of the fan speed is impossible?

I know where the Blend door actuator is, and I will remove and replace it if needed. I would not like to go through all that work and find out it operates the same. :mad:

Any information you could supply me with will be very much appreciated.
I have been working on this for hours and hours and the EATC just keeps runnung and running until I turn the ignition off.
Thank you.