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99 Ranger fuel pump


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December 30, 2005
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Courtenay, BC
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99 B4000 4.0L OHV
I have the 4.0L OHV return less fuel system. For a few weeks I had too prompt the key twice to get enough fuel pressure to start engine. Checked with fuel pressure gauge test and it showed poor pressure build up till second prompt hence the engine starting. Changed fuel line filter - no change. Now after running the vehicle for a month the engine now starts on first key prompt. Retested fuel pressure and now get 60 psi, but the kicker is that when key turned off the fuel pressure drops instantly to 13 psi. No hold pressure. The in-tank pressure regulator has worked fine all along.
On this particular return less fuel system is there a check valve in the tank pump? I was going to order a new fuel pump till I found out the price was $600 CAN. I don't suspect any injectors are leaking as I removed the spark plugs and they are all dry and engine runs fine with no CEL's.

Update. Tried to remove fuel tank from below but that hat trick is nearly impossible with the fuel fitting access plus I have the over sized aluminum drive shaft. Unbolted box and slide back 2', rested box on tires and had unhampered access to all fittings. Changed complete fuel pump assembly. Found old pump intake sock choked with brown crud causing pump to prime slowly. Fuel tank was spotless inside so I don't know why all the crud on the sock. Maybe a shot of fuel injector cleaner every two months might help with the intake sock as I have dissected the fuel filter at every change which has shown no problems. I have yet to cut old pump apart to see what happened to the check v/v hold problem but the new pump assembly solved that problem. Managed to get CAD Dealer to lower price by $200 so that came inline with FastPartsNetwork by the time shipping/duty/money exchange were paid in CAD funds.