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99 sohc 4.0 to 96 5.0 swap questions


April 16, 2011
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96 xl, 99 eddie
ok first off sorry for not being more active I haven't really needed any help since I 5 speed swapped my 96 in 2011.. so technically I'm not a new member just been 6 years since I logged on lol

I now have a 99 eddie 4x4 4.0 that I have successfully 5 speed swapped and recently got ahold of a 5.0 96 doner.

now here's the question what will it take to get the 5.0 in the truck and retain everything including cruise control hvac etc. I have a full doner and am aware I will need to locate a f150 m5od.

oh and side note but not really important during the 5.0 swap it's also going solid axles (dana 44 and f150 8.8)

I've read a few threads but haven't seen any that were 96 5.0 into a sohc chassis. I'm not afraid of wireing I just don't know if it's plug and play if not I will just retain the 4.0 I just want to not struggle to tow my 2000 lbs boat any more.. sorry for rambling and thanks in advance

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wiring.....lots of wiring repining. and fuel system. 99 is a returnless, 96 is a return.

hmmmmm I'm thinking the extra what 35 lbs of torque isn't worth it

Why not just find a clean 5.0 truck and buy that? They're cheap enough these days.

hmmmmm I'm thinking the extra what 35 lbs of torque isn't worth it

It's very worth it. The power comes on earlier too. I just finished a 97 5.0 into a 01 with a 5 speed swap, almost the exact same thing. There was a lot of wire repinning but it wasn't hard. I converted to the return style fuel lines.