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99 SOHC Performance Mods


March 26, 2001
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Great Falls, VA
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1999 XLT 4x4
Hey guys, I recently decided not to go through with my V8 conversion due to cash limitations, so I am looking to squeeze the most performance out of my SOHC as I possibly can. Unfortunatly almost nobody makes performance parts for my engine!!! I would really appreciate any suggestions you guys may have, I am looking to install a completely new exhaust system, headers, a new braking system (BAER??), and a supercharger (I heard the OHV s/c can be modded to work on a SOHC???), possiblt nitrous too! I really appreciate the help! You guys are great!

Well you are correct basicly nobody makes parts for our engine! Explorer express is working on a supercharger, which they said will give 40% increase in HP. It will run about 3k. They were hoping to get it out by the summer. Other then that, there isnt much. JBA was making hedders, but everytime I email them or call and leave a message no one replies. SO I dont know. Its not on their site. I talked to them back in october last, at least that was the last time I heard back from them. I cant get ahold of them since then. They told me then that they would have them out by nov hopefully. havent heard anything about them. I just stumbled upon vanir's website, and they are in the process of making performance products for the SOHC. I emailed them asking what they offer so far, but havent heard back yet. Other then that, I dont know of anything else yet for our engine. anyone that knows anything please post for everyone.

Nitrous would actually be a pretty easy mod and would definately work with the SOHC (N2O works with anything!). I wouldn't use more than a 50, possibly a 75 shot, but that might be an option.

Matt, this might sound like a dumb question, but have you done the "easy" mods like the filter and catback exhaust? If you're gonna get N2O or the blower I'd wait on the chip, but you should definately free up the intake and exhaust.