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99 sport NEWBIE need help


July 1, 2007
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New Orleans La.
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99 sport
I have a 99 sport that I want to lift and do some engine mods to. I need some help with some info. First off the sport has a mono leaf, will the 4dr springs fit? Next, I found a Pro- Comp kit that has the spindles ,shocks ,add a leaf and springs. What I wanted to know is should I also use the shackles or will it be an even lift it is 3 in front and 1.5 in back. Iread somewhere that this kit would not work becouse of add a leaf that's the reason for first question. Also any names of parts and performance sales would be a great help. THANKS.

Yes, the 4dr leafs will work. Its up to you whether you want the shackles or not , personally I would. I'm all for the pre runner look being from so-cal, but without shackles, it will look a little odd. But hey whatever floats your boat.


As long as you swap out the monoleafs for the multi leafs the aal's will work fine, and as far as i know the pro comp kit is pretty good.

Heres a great link to help you with the install. http://www.haroh.com/explorer/spindle.html

Thanks for the info already had this site in my favs thats how Iknew I could lift the sport everyone told me I could not.