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99 XLT Drivers door


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November 28, 2009
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'99 Explorer XLT
You know that black block? The one on the drivers door the houses all the wires? Its a pain in my butt lol.. Anyway, does anyone know if I can put my own speaker wire through it or do I have to drill through the door?

I tried getting into the block but I couldnt get it open - its got a bolt on the top of it and a few clips around it

Right now I've got my wire going through a pinch point that I believe is screwing with my 4ch and through a hole I drilled, so I want to change that ASAP.

Thanks guys.

I had the same problem, I eventually just gave up and cut through the rubber boot and drilled a hole in the door and inserted my own grommet. Then I wrapped the wire in electrical tape for protection and so it blends in well. Worked for me.