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99x33 frostbite

Hi all, well heres my 99 explorer. Heres some info about it, I totaled my first 99 just about 6 months ago, and had to have another one. after about 4 months the only one I could find was a matalic blue 4 door, So liking the fact it was the exact one I wanted, interior, engine wise I purchased it. That next week I went surching for the color that suited my taste. I found it in the form of Honda paint code, frost white, so I painted her. Next was the suspension, muling over a drop with black 22's or a lift, I turned to my wife and said you pick. Suprisingly she picked the lift. So here she is 3 inch body lift, TT- shackels, 33-12.5 r 15 wild contry's, 15x10 eagle alloys.




The hatch is mildly shaved of the wiper arm, holder etc. The other thing shaved in the antenna.


Ill get some pics of the interior in weeks to come, right now its being wraped in suede. Already done is the center counsel arm rest, glove box, air bag cover, visors, over head, dash part under stearing wheel.

Comments appreciated.

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Looks pretty good :thumbsup: