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a/c charge is to high on the low side


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January 23, 2007
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cincinnati ohio
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97 EB V8, 92 EB
my ac stoped working so i went to charge it and when i put the can and gage on the pressure on the high side was to high so i removed some freon from the system but the compressor still wouldnt run... replaced the filiter and the accumulator went to recharge and the system would take one can the compressor would run off and on while the freon was going in but then it would stop completly and the pressure would spike up 70 to 90 on the low side. and the hoses from the accumulator that should be cold got hot. tryed jumping the comp but it will not run. not sure if its getting power but it was when the freon started going in?

Thanks for any help in advance...

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Welcome to the site.. What was your high pressure reading?

i replaced the orfice tube. i am unsure of the highside pressure. i think i just need to figure out why the compresser is not running when it runs the pressure on the low side goes down and the acum gets cool i know it doesnt have the correct amount of freon in it because i could only get it to suck in most of one can befor the comp stopped working....

thanks for the replys

It helps to know the exact pressures in the system on both the high and low pressure sides, especially when diagnosing a problem with the orifice tube. You'd need a set of A/C manifold gauges to do that.