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A/C clutch engages and disengages


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November 15, 2005
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Hi, After cold spring days I tried to put a/c on with no result. when I opened hood I have noticed that shortly after switching to a/c or a/c max clutch engages and after second disengages. after few seconds again ? Is this clutch broken or maybe there is something wrong with the sensors (cut off switches).



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No I beleive u have a freon leak.the sensor senses some freon , which allows the compressor to start. Then after a sec or two the compressor has sucked the little amount of freon left away from the sensor, and cutting power to the compressor.then the cycle starts again. just fyi all a/c systems should be ran for a couople of min. atleast every month to keep the seals good.

Check for residual refrigerant oil in the area of the leak. The steel accumulator would be highly suspect and the insulation around it makes it hard to locate a leak so if you see rust look hard for oil, if that is the problem a replacement accumulator with an oil and refrigerant charge is the only answer.

Get a R134a refill kit. Make sure you check the pressure before just dumping more freon in.

unplug the low pressure switch (which is close to the low pressure valve where you put in freon) jump the harness with the paperclip; not the sensor; then start the truck and turn on the air. If the compressor comes on and stays on you are low on freon. Add 1 can and plug the low pressure switch back up. If the compressor works fine your done. If not the low pressure switch is bad. Occasionally it takes 2 cans

A cycling clutch is usually caused by a low freon condition. Make sure that you don't mix 2 types of freons (R12, and R134A). I think your vehicle came with R134A, but check the size of the ports. The bigger ones are made for R134A. You should have a sticker that tells you this information under the hood.

The 97s definitely had R134a.