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A/C comp. cycling


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April 15, 1999
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Milwaukee, WI
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1997 Explorer XLT SOHC
'97-4.0L SOHC-50k
A/C just starting this habit of kicking on and off the a/c compressor when the truck is idling?
Seems fine when I'm driving. A/C could be cooler.
Does this sound like a low charge or is there a limit switch that cycles the system on and off at low RPM's when there is problem somewhere else?

Any ideas?


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Its time to have the system recharged.

Im having the same problem. It started when I put my supercharger on. I thought maybe it was the a/c compressor. I recharged my it; The problem still existed.
My engine seems to have alot of stress when im idling. Is there anyway i can make this better. Maybe raise the rpms?

96 explorer 4.0l
10k on new supercharged motor.
80k on bolt-ons around the engine.

there's a sensor that checks the pressure of the a/c system, when the pressure gets too low, the compressor simply turns on. all you need is a little recharge like mrboyle said.

Thanks for the quick help!!

Now, I have to find somewhere to buy a can of R-134a and a tap line in WI?


I would recommend checking the pressures of the system prior to adding any more refrigerant.

Good luck.....