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A/c Compresser Problems!!


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November 9, 2004
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1991 E.B.
The other day, while doing an oil change, I noticed that the a/c compresser was starting to stick. So I got some oil for it and put it into the system. I got a can of 134, and yes I have the conversion, and the a/c compresser blew up. Shot out white smoke and green stuff. I was wondering if there is something I can replace in the compresser or do I need to replace the whole thing?

well am sure it is possible to rebuild your unit as long as the housing is not damaged ...however a wrecking yard should be around 100-200 dollars. be sure to spot a new arrival vehicle to choose from better chances of the a.c still being complete.not contaminated you also need several other new parts if the compressor did in fact pop...

sounds like you 'slugged' the compressor with a liquid, which port did you add oil to?

Compressors are made to compress a gas into a liquid, you feed them a liquid, be it freon or oil and as you found out you'll pop that compressor in a heartbeat ....

New or used compressor, you are going to have to flush the system and put a vaccum pump on it for a minimum of an hour, overnight would even be better ..... you'll also have to change the receiver filter dryer and I'd probably put a new filter dryer on the liquid line also ....

It is nice to have someone knowledgeable about A/C like LongJohn119 on the board. You are breath of fresh air. Thanks!