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A/C Compressor cycles even with heat on


February 7, 2007
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Fayetteville, NC
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96 Sport 4x4
I replaced the A/C compressor about 3 years ago. I've noticed this before but just now remembering it while I'm at the computer. The A/C Compressor cycles non stop if any air is circulating, whether it be heat or a/c and regardless of whether it's on feet, top or defrost. The second I turn the heat selector or a/c on with the window down I can hear the A/C compressor start cycling, and the second I turn it off it stops. Any ideas why it cycles with the heat on? Thanks in advance!

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it is supposed to cycle in defrost.Maybe your switch is stuck on defrost only?

Any position on the vent control domain that has upper and lower areas selected will cause your AC to turn on (to dry the air).... so that you don't fog the windows up.... a Ford feature.

So my A/C is essentially running when my heat is on. Could they have thought of any other way to decrease gas mileage.... Is there anyway prevent the A/C from running with the heat on? I remember there was a way with a old civic I had...

Just make sure that you aren't selecting a vent choice that has "upper level" associated with it (ie. only points at your feet).... then your AC will not turn on. The operation is described in your manual. Of course, you can always pull the pull on the compressor so that the clutch doesn't energize (or plug the low pressure sensor switch plug).

Put the air position switch in the VENT mode. Thats the only way my ac will not run.
Some cars have the switch that will shut off the ac compressor no matter what mode you are in. The X doesnt.

Ditto, the vent position is the only one that won't engage the AC clutch. I'm likely going to wire in a switch to disable my compressor in my work vehicle. I currently have my electric engine fan wired to run with the AC clutch, thus wasting the point of an electric fan, using the heat in Winter, etc. I had to tap into the AC clutch wire to do that, now I'm faced with undoing that. Ford doesn't think through things very well, and we have to fix them or idiot proof them. Good luck,