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A/C compressor cycling


November 12, 2000
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Louisville, KY
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97 Explorer Sport 4X4
I am a new Explorer owner (97 Sport 4x4 SOHC) and new to this site, which is great by the way!

I have searched the archives on this issue and found lots of references but no real solutions so I'm going to bring it up again.

When I set the climate panel to any setting which requires the a/c compressor to run, it short cycles (1 second on- 1 second off) and the idles jumps from about 1000rpm to 400rpm while doing this. My first thought was low on freon, so I disconnected the low pressure switch and shorted out the connector pins, but compressor still short cycles. Next I swapped the WOT relay in the fuse box with another one like it, still no help. What else sends a signal to the clutch for engaging/disengaging? When the truck is at idle with any settings on the panel where the compressor isn't supposed to run then it idles smooth. I've only had the truck for 6 weeks and I just got it out of the shop (2 weeks ago) for the dreaded camshaft tensioners and the intake gaskets were replaced as part of that repair. Has anybody figured what is causing this?

I really like the Explorer and I live in Louisville where they are made. I was hoping to help the local economy by buying one, but when do the repairs stop on this thing??:)