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A/C issue, driver side hot, passenger cold, dont have dual AC


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March 12, 2018
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eagle mountain
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2010 explorer XLT
So this is weird to me. To start, I DONT have dual AC in my explorer, its all manual controls, but I do have rear air.
So I get in on a hot day, and of course turn on the AC. The passenger side gets ice cold. The driver side remains the same temperature as outside.... Like, I can literally hold my hand in front of the center passenger side vent and its ice cold, then move it over 3 inches so its in front of the center driver side vent and its hot (when its hot outside)
For a while turning the hvac to another setting and back would get the driver side to get colder, but never as cold as the passenger side, but then that stopped working.
THEN I discovered that if I turn on the rear air, the driver side gets down to the same temp as the passenger side.... If I turn off the rear air, the driver side will slowly go back to being the same temperature as it is outside.... If I start out with rear air on, the driver and passenger vents always output the same temeratures. Its only with rear air off that there is a difference.

Is this a common issue? Any easy fix or do I just need to keep my rear air on all the time?