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A/C leak help


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June 1, 2010
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Ewa Beach, HI
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1994 Limited
-My A/C has a very slow HFC-134 leak, it's leaking from the valve that you connect to when you re-charge the A/C.

Can anyone give me some tips on how easy or hard that will be to replace?

Like can just that tips be replace or fixed?

Thank you.

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It's basically a Schrader valve like your tire valve stems. It may just need tightening or the core replaced.

I had the same problem with on a 94. I found the correct replacement screw on valve at Pep Boys. I think it was $7 part, but was worth it to keep the freon in the system.

The cap that is supposed to be on that port has an o ring and will also stop the leak.

Thanks for the quick replies guys. I'll wait till my system runs out of hfc134 then try it out.