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A/C not holding charge


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December 6, 2001
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Oak Park IL
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'95 XLT
I have a '95 XLT 4x4 4.0L

I had a problem with my climate control switch that I later found out was due to a plug fell out of the pressure ball looking thing on the passenger side of the car. I plugged it in and I was able to switch directions of the air flow and finally get some A/C pumping through the system. Since funds were low at the time, it took me a year to figure this out.

Well to get to the point of my question... I had my A/C recharged and everything worked well. I had 50 degree air coming out of the vents and I was quite happy as my fear was that it would not work since I had not been able to run the A/C for over a year and would have to replace everything.

Well a month has gone by and I now have warm air coming out of the vents. The charge didn’t hold and my compressor is back to turning on and off constantly.

What do I need to do to fix this that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg?

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Sounds like it is time to get the dye injected into the system to locate your leak. From there you can figure out cost of repair.

Well since taking it back to the shop is going to cost at least an arm and probably a leg you might be able to get away by recharging it yourself with the R134 that has UV tracer in it which you can get at most auto parts stores for about $5 a can.

Did the place that recharged it doing any other work? Any chance that it would be under some type of warrenty from them?

Thanks for the info. I thought they only made the dye for radiators. I will get some this weekend and check it.

I have read in this forum that the leak looks like dark goop almost like grease. I looked around all of the A/C parts and did not see anythink like grease. I bet the dye will show something.

I will update my findings.

My A/C worked great when I bought it last summer. It was really cold for months. Then over the winter my blend door stopped working. I had that fixed about 2 months ago and when I picked it up the A/C was not cold. I took it back and they said I was low on coolant and since the mechanic was an a$$ and didnt check to see if the A/C was cold they filled it and put dye in for free. A week later it was warm again. Does anyone know if they had to mess with the A/C in order to replace the blend door?