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A/C Pressure reading


June 25, 2006
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Las Vegas, NV
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1994 XLT
I'm out of practice and can't find my book :) My 94 Explorer is reading 24psi on low side and 345psi on the high side at 108 degrees ambient and 75 degrees coming out of the vent. Is 345 a little high or am I just a little low on 134a?

After letting it set for an hour I went back and checked the guages again. 150psi both sides static. I started her up and had 24psi on the low side and 325psi on the high. I said "Screw it! I have a 30lb can of 134a and money in my wallet so let 'er rip"!
I raised the idle to 1800rpm and added 134a till the low side read 40psi. That turns out to be about 50psi at 700rpm. High side reads 345-325psi and the center vent is blowing at 60 degrees. I'm calling it good.