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A/C Receiver/Drier Condensation


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September 16, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Explorer 97XL
I purchased my X used, for the first few years I noticed that the A/C was not working.

I recently started to work on my '97 XL, and got the a/c recharged. Everything works fine, cool and blows perfectly. In recent weeks I am noticing a large leak under my passenger side of the hood. No odor, not oils, so I was assuming that it was the condensation from the a/c. Now I notice this little puddle on the ground quite constantly even if the a/c is used sparingly, and that the A/C Receiver/Drier is quite moist.

Is this common?

any advice/comments will be appreciated.


Depending on the state of the charge and other factors such as humidity, the accumulator (black thing) gets cold enough to frost up, which rapidly melts.

Some of the Explorers had insulation wrapped around the accumulator to prevent this, unfortunately it trapped the moisture and caused them to rust.

There should be moisture coming out of the evaporator box (grey plastic box that the accumulator is attached to). Note that compressor is on all the time unless the A/C button is turned off.

As long as your air conditioning is blowing cold, there's no problem.