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A/C repair


June 22, 2003
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Walnut, IA
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is anyone here an A/C expert? Too hot for me with no air. I have a 97 with 150k and no A/C. Went to add r134a and found out the compressor wants to kick in, so it is not that (when it kicks in, the low side preasure drops) BUT, then found out that there is a serious leak in the canister where the low side port is (evaporator/drier?) It almost looks like a hole just rusted through it....but I dont know. Vehicle is fairly new to me...I know the heater worked great....lol. Does anyone know how difficult this is to replace, or do I need to go to a shop to have it done? how expensive will it be?

i had this problem with a 94 model' you can do this fix yourself its a little tight getting out the evaporator mine had a small hole in it' if i can recall i paid about 95 bucks for the new one from autozone. wish i could tell you more iis been a few years since i had the 94 .. gl with it