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A/C Replacement Process


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June 12, 2014
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Lima, Ohio
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1998 Ford Explorer Sport
I've got a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4, I'd like to replace the A/C as it currently does not have one. I know its missing the air condensor and would obviously require some charging after that. But how complicated is replacing these parts of the A/C? Price range of repairing this issue?


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In addition to the condenser, you will at least need a new accumulator/drier. But if the system has been exposed to atmosphere for a long time, there may be corrosion onside some of the parts (like the compressor). Hopefully not. You can price out and buy the parts from the supplier of your choice, such as Rock Auto. Putting it together is a pretty simple job turning wrenches. You will need someone with the right equipment to vacuum it down, leak check it, and recharge it.

A complete a/c system is about $600 in parts. A bit of time on a loan-a-tool vacuum pump, a couple cans of R134a and you'll be good to go.

Might be able to re-use some components to save some of the costs depending on just how open to the elements the system was.

Harbor Freight sells the 2.5 CFM Vacuum Pump (Item 98076) and A/C Manifold Gauge Set (Item 92649) if you wish to do it all yourself. Both go on decent sales from time to time and add on a 20-25% coupon and you're good.

Do a lot of research before you start and you can figure it out. Look on you tube for some good videos. Be sure to clean all the lines, and replace all O rings before putting it all together. Good luck.
Oh, btw. I had a shop pump mine done, and add the freon, I think it's easier than trying that for all you save.