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A Click Noise when pressing gas pedal


September 11, 2010
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Bay Shore, NY
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99 Mountaineer
After finishing putting in new timing cover gasket, water pump and everything else after that, I noticed when I pulled out of my driveway I had to press down on the gas pedal a little harder than usual to get the truck moving again. As I'm driving this is what I noticed:

1) When letting go of the gas pedal at a stop or red light the pedal clicks slightly only once and then truck would only move and accelerates when my foot goes past the pedal click.
2) I can feel the click under my feet but it's not audible.
3) As soon as I press the pedal pass this click truck accelerates and I can adjust my foot pressure to go faster or slower with no problems.
4) Happens only when pedal is released fully.
5) No problems with idling.

I also notice by the front of the motor there is a clip that holds the accelerator cable and the speed cable and those cables were not being held there. My guess is when I the loosened the bolts to the AC and steering pump bracket (to move it to the side) I must have pulled the cable out of place somehow.

I sprayed WD 40 in the throttle body where the cables are and its somewhat better but not completely. My question is did it go out of adjustment at the top of the pedal or did the cable stretched out? Thanks.

the truck is a 99 Mountaineer 5.0

Make sure the throttle cable is in the exact position you got it off from. Even it being slightly off will give the peddle a different feeling and has the possibility of stretching the cable.

If after checking the cables for correct location and binding and the click is still there; have a look inside the throttle body, sometimes a ridge of carbon builds up.
Clean that out and you should be right.