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a combo cassette/cd head unit that will fit my 96' Explorer.


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January 11, 2002
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'96 XL
My father and I purchased a head unit for christmas for my '96 Explorer this year, however, it only came equipped with a CD player. I, however, have an extensive cassette collection as well and wanted a combination CD/Cassette HU instead. When looking online, the prices almost knocked me off my seat. I am pretty sure that most head units are wider than that of Ford's, and so I guess what I am asking is: does anyone has any places they could recommend (OEM or aftermarket) or any head units (preferably OEM) that they would like to unload. Also, if anyone has any advice to help me resolve my conflict, I would greatly appreciate it.

Michael Regn

-Thanks in Advance to anyone who does give me a hand with my situation.

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I have the factory HU ( am/fm/cassette/cd with the factory 6 disc cd changer for sale for $150 plus shipping.

aldive's unit will NOT work in anything that is 1997 or older! It might NOT even work in a 1998.

Yeah, thanks for the offer Aldive but I don't think that the '99 model is compatible with the that of the '96 explorer. Crutchfield told me that the '99 has an internal amplifier and subwoofer, something that the '96 doesn't have, and so the wiring will be different and I might need an amplifier and a new set of speakers.

Any other ideas? All will be greatly appreciated.

Michael Regn

People on ebay sell their OEM radios all the time for around $100 or so...

I'd be willing to sell Dead Link Removed for $500 (negotiable). It was in the truck when I bought it, the guy said he bought it in '99 for $1400!! Works 100% and sounds sweet as hell. Lemme know if you're interested.

stock cass/cd player

I have one from a 98 i would consider selling.

I just sold my changer out of my 96...but i still have the AM/FM/Cassette player stock HU. $60 plus shippin if you want it

willfield2 ... If you are seriously concidering selling that radio you need to lower your price by about $300. For $500 bucks you can get a radio with CD and cassette built in together and it will be 50x4. I have no doubt in my mind that it was worth that much when it was new but you will have a hard time selling it for that price now.

yea I know, I'm just trying to make some money for something new and more powerful. If I don't sell it, no big deal, it's still awesome.