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A few more exhaust questions 4.0L SOHC


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August 4, 2015
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2000 Ford Explorer
Flange after the cats connecting to muffler

From everything I've read the 4.0L SOHC Explorers have a stock dual in/single out muffler. My ex has in a single in/single out muffler, and there is no y pipe connecting to the muffler so it is one pipe all the way through. My family bought this truck used about 3 years after it was new (2003) so I'm guessing that the whole exhaust system was replaced? Is there an easy way to confirm this? I am assuming so bc of the flange, as I figured the stock muffler would be welded in. Also, how much of a difference does it make that the SOHC is running through a single in/single out or straight through exhaust compared to the stock double in/single out?

Also, as I was planning out this project, I starting thinking about how I was going to cut the muffler off of the hanger.

There is only about 2-3'' between the weld and the muffler. My plan was too cut pretty close to the muffler and resonator, basically removing the bend

Summit Racing has some 45 degree Mandrel Bends that I would then use band clamps to attach to the muffler and resonator. As stubborn as I am, would it be better just to take this to an exhaust shop and have them weld it on? I would really like to do as much of the installation myself, but I also have to deal with reattaching the hanger to the tubing after the muffler. As of right now I was just going to use one of those strap hangers (like this), does anyone have any personal experience with these?