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a few new pics


August 13, 2004
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Austin Texas
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98 mountaineer
So finally got everything fixed, except the front driveshaft.I have to finish making the adapter to bolt to the t-case. I got some free time on Sunday so I took it out to see how did offroad, found a little mudpuddle.

I also have a whopping 17 sec video of me driving through the mud puddle.If someone wants to host it.

Here's some specs:

Dana 44 hi pinion
Ford 9"
4.56 gears
35x14.50x15 Nitto mud Grapplers
Isuzu Trooper steering box-mounts on top - inside frame rails.
Fabtech 4" lift coils and 3" rear springs

To do list: by christmas
Tossing the coils for coilovers
Front locker
and a couple of extra things

anyway to the pics. all comments welcome. Sorry so slow to update very busy at the shop. i will try and answer all Q's.






heres the steering box.yes i know it leaks just ordered the rebuild kit.

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nice, I like that diamond plate on the bumper.

they are from my old 97 2wd lift.

Great looking truck!!!, are you useing wheel spacers?

no wheel spacers.stock backspacing on 15x10 rock crawlers

Thank you, looks great. How do you post pictures. I've got some of my Ranger I would like to share.

Very Very nice. Looks mean.

Looks awesome! hopefully Ill be able to join the SAS club soon!

nicely done really like the swap i would also go stock width but bad*ss man